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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Santa Fe Fling - Doors Of Santa Fe 5x7 Inch Original Oil Painting by Kelley MacDonald

$100 & $10 S&H

In the Fall of 2008 I was fortunate enough to attend a workshop held by Carol Marine in Santa Fe, NM.  The class was wonderful, and aside from the valuable lessons we learned from Carol, the group of students really clicked and decided to get together every 2 years or so for another painting adventure.  This Fall we had an Advanced Workshop with Carol, again in Santa Fe - about a half dozen in this class were from the original group, and the 'new' people were every bit as awesome as we could have hoped for.  More enduring friendships have begun!

Well, my friend Pam Holnback from the 'original' group and I seemed to share a fascination with the doors of Santa Fe, and we have decided to make Mondays a Santa Fe Fling Day.  We will be painting doors and boots and possibly other things - on Mondays, for our own, and hopefully your enjoyment.  You'll love Pam's posts because after teaching for her whole adult life she knows just how to make almost any new topic fascinating!

Now... I want to THANK everyone who stopped by the Hingham Arts Walk today.  Boy, oh, boy, is it  fun to meet people who 'know me' already through my blog.  It is such a pleasure to meet you in person!  Bad photo, but my table is below...


  1. Love the painting of the door; does it open into a gallery? Quite a pretty piece, Kelley. Glad your art do yesterday went off without a hitch (or at least I hope it did!)

  2. GReat idea and I love the doors!!! They say so much and can be interpreted so many ways. I love the blues.

  3. Fabulous idea, you two!! Love both of them!!!

  4. Que ce soit vous ma chère ou Pam vous nous entrouvrez la porte du bonheur en nous permettant d'admirer vos belles oeuvres.
    Gros bisous à toutes les deux.


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