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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Reflecting On Reflections

Today, our last workshop day, was about reflections.  All kinds of reflections.  Carol did a wonderful demo, and then did her raffle where people could buy her demo's - always a fun part of the workshop.  If there was a word to describe my fellow students here, besides 'talented', which they overwhelmingly are (a little intimidating really) is 'warm'.  By the end of the week, it felt like family.  Indeed we shared so much information about our painting lives AND family lives, we all felt like OLD friends by the end.  

We felt totally cared for and were in a safe, comfortable and comforting environment, and the food was so good (and vegan, or gluten free or anything-you-need-free) that the photography students took photos of it.  Well, our class started it, I'm just going to say that...

The courtyard had beautiful statuary and fountains and gardens.  There were walking trails behind our building.  No.  I did not take advantage of those, and, by the fit of my jeans I think I should have....

And to top it all off, Nancy Hartley's husband Brian, brought each of us a beautiful rose at the end of the workshop.   Besides being the person who tackled the division of the dinner bill each night, he was our go-to-guy for medical advice concerning scary rashes, and Chief Advisor for choosing our nightly feasts.  Thank you to Nancy for all her hard work setting up the workshop, and to her and Brian for opening their home on the first night here to welcome us!


  1. What a lovely piece this would be for a green kitchen, or even a brown kitchen! (Mine is red...) Sounds like your week was a blast!

  2. Wow...It sounds like you all had such a fun time with Carol, the whole workshop gang, the Hartleys...wonderful

  3. Lucky lucky girl! Love the salt and pepper! Very much your own...but Carols influence is shining through.
    Safe return travels - cant wait to see you!

  4. Kelly,
    This makes me want to take another workshop with her.
    Love the statue above, and the painting is wonderful...composition, colors and the reflections add
    to it all.

  5. I am envious! Sounds like a wonderful experience

  6. Was a FABULOUS week. Miss you and the gang already. In our mad dash to tear down on Friday, I didn't get to see this finished. So lovely. Know you and Amy had a blast touring galleries yesterday. Have a safe trip back. xoxo

  7. wow, sounds wonderful kelly! and a lovely painting. my jellies look so good in the new kitchen. hope you are well.

  8. Kelley, What a great post! Thank you for mentioning us! This was a magical week, both Brian and I loved it all! Beautiful painting,as always! Spending time with you, and everyone was the best!


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