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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Santa Fe'in....

I've been in wi-fi 'lockdown' since I got to Santa Fe. For some reason our side of the building does not have working wi-fi.  's OK.  I'm loving it here.  Loving the scenery, loving spending time working with Carol Marine, and having fun with her and the 'super group' we've gathered here in the hills around Santa Fe.  We're practicing painting white, painting metals, painting bigger, painting glass, and reflections.  The group, who are painters who have painted with her before, for the most part, just give ourselves over and keep an open mind about learning.  

Don't believe the rumor that I TRIED to set the room on fire.  It was small, and the wall-to-wall rug was completely covered with thick plastic sheeting that was REALLY easy to melt.  So, in the words of Mary Sheehan Winn, I also cannot be trusted with Clamp lights (begins with 'c' so fits in her theory), and of Kathy Cousart (nobody was keeping an eye on me...) we all survived... the people who run the school and the monastery are very understanding..... and here, below, is an evening shot...

AND some man who was at the beach last week when I was walking Paco was intrigued by his wrinkly forehead.  "Is he worried?"  he asked.  "Well, yes,"  I said "about everything... and nothing..."  and this man just found my email address somehow and mailed me this cutie photo of Paco (whom I miss very much!)


  1. Une très jolie peinture pour illustrer ces moments bonheur que vous nous dérivez... Quelle chance vous avez de vous trouver dans un groupe tel que celui-ci ! Un beau plongeon artistique...
    Gros bisous à vous et à toutes !

  2. Apparently Paco and I share the same anxious personality. He is so cute! I love this uniquely shaped vase with its watery blue color. Great work, Kelley! Your Santa Fe trip is sounding like one amazing adventure.

  3. Love the glass bottle! Wonderful job on everything in the painting. Glad you are having a good time- wish I was there too! Course hearing about the fire made me re-think...Be careful out there!!

  4. wow I cant wait to hear about THAT one-always an adventure!
    enjoy every drop of Santa Fe! Beautiful rose.

  5. Sounds wonderful. Wish I were there ;)

  6. This is my favorite painting of yours from the workshop. Loved watching it come together. Magical. xoxo


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