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Sunday, October 28, 2012

$100 & $10 S&H

It's Monday!  Time for a a Santa Fe Fling with my friend Pam Holnback!  Another Santa Fe Door - in red, for me... with a cross-shaped window that reflected the perfect Santa Fe sky...  and here's Pam's, below:
I think she did a great job!  
We had such a great time at the workshop, really delving deep into painting reflections, and spending time with such phenomenal artists and friends~!
Now... off to fight a hurricane..(Sandy!)


  1. Wonderful Monday series! And funny that this weeks has the Red Cross in a door! Here's hoping and praying you won't need it! Stay safe!

  2. Love the reflected sky in the windows! Interesting to see what you both found wonderful in the local architecture.

  3. Lovely paintings, both. Hoping you will be safe.

  4. Two fantastic paintings from two fabulous artists. Stay safe from the hurricane.

  5. Fabulous series. Love the red window within the door. Great idea. Love 'em both. Now go keep your family and home safe!

  6. We did have a great week, didn't we!? And, be safe these next few days!

  7. Kelley, great post, beautiful work, wonderful theme!
    Best wishes for safety, peace, and a quick passing of Sandy! Keeping tabs on the weather reports, and sending good thoughts your way!


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