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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Happy Halloween everyone!  I've been unable to post because of Hurricane Sandy, and I hope you are all safe and intact.  My heart goes out to those NY, NJ, and CT people who were hit hard.  We keep them in our prayers.

This is my little orange boy Harry.  I painted him all morning and then wiped it off.  This was try #2.  I think I need to study the animals and paint them more.  Thinking of challenging myself here.  I've got two cats.  I have one dog and know lots of other people who would let me paint their pets for practice.

Harry is a wonderful pet (to me) and I tell him he's the handsomest cat in the world, but actually he has very small eyes for a cat.  Odd, huh?  So, like people, some cats have larger or smaller features, longer noses, rounder heads, etc.  I think painting them will exercise my 'eye'.  Now... it being Halloween, please keep your kitties inside today and tonight.  Better safe than sorry!


  1. #2 is a beautiful rendition. Very cat like. Sleepy. GLad you are able to paint and post. So sad and scary!

  2. Kelley! I love love love Harry! I have a cat named Flower and she is not nearly as pretty as harry! I don't paint animals much tho I'm doing birds right now... they are turning out a bit whimsical and I did not mean for them too but I have fallen in love with them anyway! A woman in Nashville that I do not know sent me photos of her sheep and wants me to paint them. I think she likes my posts on my cows and assumes I paint sheep? Anyway I don't think I do but you know me I'm going to give it a shot or two or three... I love the way you painted Harry with yummy strokes of color. It's like one stroke does something amazing. Did I communicate that well? I know what I mean don't really know if it makes sense, but I rarely do. OK I would love to send you progress reports of my sheep and have your wisdom, expertise, and guidance? Is that ok? I will pay you! Im not sure if that's ok to ask but I so admire you and your work. Please be honest! lovelove love R


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