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Monday, April 23, 2012

Painting Without A Title, 6x6 Inches, Oil

 Usually I can think up a title for a painting.  And while I LOVED painting this painting - her hair! The water! Her wrist (yes, it's the little things...)!  Does anyone have a good name?  If someone who buys it suggests a name, I'll go with that... but if they don't... do you have a good idea?  What is she doing?  I think she's 1) calling her little boys 'in' for lunch, or 2) wondering why it's taking her boyfriend so long to come back from the refreshment stand.  At any rate, she walked over the berm of sand, down to the edge of the water.
I just love painting beach people!


  1. "Là-bas au bord la mer si bleue..." serait pour moi le titre parfait.
    une très jolie peinture pleine de poésie et de charme.
    gros bisous

  2. A beautiful piece indeed, Kelley. I love how you've handled the water and her hair. Beautiful colors. I'd call this one "Siren" or "Siren of the Sea."

  3. You're right, it is a beautiful painting. I like your gesture and body language too. Wonderful.
    Happy Painting.

  4. Hey Kelley,

    You did a great likeness of Beach People as well the waves plus the use of color... One title for some odd reason would be "Green-Eyed Lady" because that song by the same name speaks out to me. It will really be a coincidence if that lady really has green eyes. Oh by the way, that song came out around the Autumn of 1970 because I remember it while I was eleven at that time.

  5. I love this. She looks very grecian goddess to me and her look, though impressionistic is intense. The only name I can think of is Beyond the Sea...because she looks as though she is looking far away...or maybe it is because I am a Bobby darin fan...anyway...I over think things...suffice it to say I love it.

  6. In case anyone's interested... she suggested something to the effect of "Down here at the edge of the water so blue..." Just beautiful! Thank you!

  7. something with the word 'wave'... 'wave goodbye'.... how about 'kiss goodbye'? Is that too corny?


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