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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Gurnet Lighthouse, Duxbury Beach, 8x8 Inches, Oil Painting

This painting is of Gurnet Light - it is for the Girls Just Wanna Paint Show at the Duxbury Library, which will be hung on May 1.  The Opening is not for a couple of weeks, but this is our Challenge for the month of April - a scene from Duxbury.  There were a lot of things to choose,  as this is a beautiful New England Coastal town. 

Such a super busy time of year!  Getting ready for our show, getting ready for some upcoming travel, preparing for a talk I'm giving on Blogging next Wednesday, and Blogger is going to be totally different as of Tuesday, and all my slides will be outdated - and new ones created this weekend...... AND tomorrow I get to be co-host to Leslie Saeta on Artists Helping Artists Blogtalk Radio Show, where we will interview Carrie Waller and Crystal Cook!  A full plate?  Yup.  That's the way I like it!


  1. What a really neat painting Kelley! Like that old fashioned word, neat? Neat mix of warm and cools, neat composition, neat subject matter and then there is another element I can't put my fingers on, neat!

  2. A beautiful scene, Kelley! But you've captured my attention with the Blogspot will be totally different after this weekend! Sigh...

  3. I am a collector of lighthouses, and I have never seen this one. I love it and your rendition in paint is fantastic. Take a deep breath with all you have got to do. I have a paper to finish due today and two paintings accompanied by an oral for next Tuesday. Than I am out for the semester. Yeah!!!!

  4. beautiful painting! I can't keep up with must see yourself coming and going!!! Looking forward to the radio show today.

  5. Where are you giving the talk on blogging?

  6. Cool, and I recognized it right away!
    WHAT? I can't take anymore online changes grrrrrrrr
    We need a trip out to Gurnet.

  7. Lovely painting Kelley! and great show today! I enjoyed your interview with Crystal and Carrie! I can really relate to how both these artist work and it's an inspiration to hear how they weave their art career and family life together. Best wishes in your upcoming show!

  8. Really nice painting, Kelley. I like the different values of light and shadow on the lighthouse. Well done!


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