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Sunday, April 1, 2012

My Friend Kelly's Beach Day, 6x6 Inches, Oil


This painting was posted on Facebook by my friend Kelly M., who had a wonderful tropical vacation recently.  It is my contribution to the Girls Just Wanna Paint Challenge - Beach Day.  I was entranced by the yellow umbrella against the blue sky.... I altered the chair(s) under it and put a figure in to change it up a bit.

In other news, my one day figure workshop last Friday was SO fun!  Everyone did SUCH a great job!  Here are my 'kids'
I'll post more photos of them and their pieces on Facebook!


  1. Beach paintings are always so full of joy! This is no exception with the joy expressed through the blue and yellow color combo. Your class did indeed do a beautiful job. Did the one lady manage two pieces? Wow!

  2. What a wonderful peaceful little painting- just could sit right there under that pretty yellow umbrella forever! And so fun to see your "kids"! I just know they had a blast and learned a ton. Lucky students- love seeing their paintings!! Thanks for sharing Teacher Kelley!

  3. P. S. Did I just call you Mary? Ei yi sorry, Kelley!

  4. Thank you and YES - half the class managed two paintings - in one day! They did great work - I will put them up on Facebook today!

  5. What a talented class! I am sure you had a fabulous time! And I love the beach! So many exciting things happening for you! ;)

  6. Un endroit où je serais heureuse de me trouver en ce moment... Jolie peinture.
    Gros bisous

  7. Kelley, what a fun and happy painting! I love that yellow umbrella! How could you not be smiling with a painting like this hanging on your wall!!

  8. This is one fantastic painting. What color yellow did you use for the umbrella? Love it!!!

    1. Jerry, thank you! I think I used Cad. yellow medium with a bit of Cad. yellow lemon on top!

  9. It's fabulous and all the colors say "summer"!


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