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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Allyson, "Sundance", Hilton Head Gang Mugshot, 4x4 Inches, Oil Painting

Another beautiful artist rendered 'muggy' by my brush... here's what they say about Allyson...

Allyson “Sundance” Schilb does most of her shooting in the evening.  She, too, is one of the more quiet members of the Hilton Head Gang.  We do know that she rides with a biker gang.  She rode all over the island...There were tales of drive by shootings.  When other gang members were strolling beaches, sidewalks and tourist sites, Sundance was laying low...riding quietly and shooting unsuspecting victims.  We also know is she is no less proficient than any of the other members...she is SLR ready and will shoot at will.
For more about the The Hilton Head Gang check out their blog at


  1. Another fabulous mug shot, Kelley. I really love how you've handled her hair!

  2. I love that look on her face and her glasses are perfect! Wonderful job!

  3. Kelley, great job. I love these mug shots, so fun!


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