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Monday, April 16, 2012

Join Us!

I'm so thrilled to be able to offer this 3 day 'power workshop' at the beautiful Oceanside 17 Gallery in Hull.  We will do basic sharpening of skills, as well as working on the skills that will let your paintings be powerful and well received.  I'm also, in this, sharing things I learned at Karin Jurick's workshop - I promise will make you successful in including figures in your work. 
Appropriate for all levels.  9-4 each day.  Come enjoy, there are a couple of spaces left!

Today my 'subjects' (new irises) refused to bloom.  For 24 hours these tight buds sat in water in a sunny window.  AS I PAINTED them, one of them started with one petal, then another, and another.  By the time I finished, all but one had opened.  Like painting plein air, you really can't 'chase' something like this.   Enjoy this weather, if you are in New England (notice I didn't say 'NE' - and confuse folks that maybe I'd relocated to Nebraska!~!!)


  1. Love your irises...they are beautiful Kelley! And the workshop looks amazing. You are such a wonderful teacher- artists should flock and come paint with joy with you!! They are lucky to get to take from such an encouraging teacher!

  2. Did you not post my comment because I embarrassed myself with the Nebraska comment? LOL I so wish I could attend your workshop! What fun it would be. Amazing that you were actually able to watch the beautiful irises open up!

  3. Kelley, Love love love the iris. At first I thought they were wet paint brushes! Juicy!

  4. Love this simply beautiful Iris painting...The workshop sounds wonderful..wish I could attend

  5. Love the colors of the iris. Wish I could come to your workshop instead of taking exams. Know everyone will have such a good time and learn a lot. I am envious of the participants.

  6. Hi Kelley, I love the headline for your workshop-Paint with confidence and joy, that is definitely what we all aspire to.
    The irises are great and I love the background you used which really shows them off nicely!

  7. Kelley, Wow! Your workshop sounds fabulous! What lucky students to have you for a teacher! Have a great time with your class!! Looking forward to hearing more about it!


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