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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Surprise Snowman! And Sketches

Surprise Snowman, 6x6
$100 + $10 S+H via Paypal

Here's another little guy I have hanging around my studio. I'm a fool for snowmen, I think! And below is one of my 'idea' pages for the paintings I did for the Telephone Challenge - you can see how well I follow up on them!


  1. Love this snowman Kell! So fun and full of color. Give PacoPants big pughugs for me and happy post thanksgiving to you - sure wish I could come to your January workshop.

  2. Happy, happy, joy! Love the yellow background!

  3. Love it! These sketches are great many good ideas. "At The Art Show" made me smile.

  4. Awesome Kelley- what a great way to greet the season! I love the joyfulness of the little snowman.

  5. This is wonderful, Kelley - I love it!

  6. This snowman certainly is a happy little guy!! When I was scrolling over your artwork I kept going back to look at him again and again because every time I would get a really big grin on my face and what a great feeling that is!
    I really like you work.


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