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Monday, December 14, 2009

YUM! 6x6, Oil

YUM!, 6x6
$100 + $10 S&H via Paypal

This is the last of the goodies from Allie's donuts! And I don't even know if it was TASTY, because it 'waited' it's turn at the studio.... so it was a few days old when I attempted it. Although I have to tell you, a little while under that light, and the studio smelled like someone was baking a cake! horrors! Sorry for the glare. And yesterday morning I woke up to the most beautiful morning.... view from my bed below! Now, just disregard those electrical wires, will you? It was such a soft blue with pinky light at the horizon. OK. I'm taking a couple of days 'off' at the end of this week to re-structure my email subscriber group. I'll try, but man, at this time of the year it's 'get-together' time!


  1. Yum!!
    OK... I want to wake up to that view... wires and all! : )
    Lucky girl!!

  2. A delicious cupcake painting. And I had to look very close-up to see the ornaments, Kelley. I have been photographing cupcakes, they appear at farmer's markets everywhere now, and I would like to fit in some smaal paintings in between my landscapes.

  3. That is a delicious looking cupcake. You managed to avoid the stale look, nicely! LOL!

    That is a beautiful scene. The wires tend to add a bit of realism and with the perspective, a bit of drama to the skyscape...


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