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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Russian Teacup

Russian Teacup, 6x6
$100 + $10 S&H via Paypal

I have some teacups I'll be painting, and this first one is a Russian cup & saucer - the challenges being the semi-fluted shape of the ellipse of the lip, the deep indigo of the blue and the gold touches!

Below is what you'll find should you venture to Spring Bull Gallery in Newport, for their Les Petites Oeuvres Show for the month of December. One nice thing is that across the street is the DeBlois Gallery, where I have those 4 hung that I showed you!


  1. Lovely teacup andwell done! Good luck at the shows.

  2. Love the tea cup. Reminds me of one of mary cassatt's paintings at the Met.
    Couldn't post on blog cuz it didn't recognize my password.

  3. I really enjoy your paintings and since I have a collection of teacups, you've inspired me to begin painting them. Thanks!

  4. Love that teacup! Such freshness and color... great job!

  5. This is great! You achieved all of your challenges!

  6. What a beautiful teacup!
    Congrats on having these lovely pieces in the gallery.

  7. Love this teacup, really beautiful!

  8. Patricia, we talked about those 'little' shows, and how there's so many of them! Deb - really? I'll have to check that out! Chris, DO it! Yes! Theresa, thank you, I don't think I took a breath while I was painting it! Pam, I think we're alike in that we love challenges! Thanks, Manon, Diane, very much!

  9. Kelley!

    You put so much detail into this teacup!

    I love the little gold accents. It would've drove me crazy painting all of those in.

    My hat is off to you!


  10. I love this painting! I'm not clear on how to purchase your work online though... Do we need to contact you directly?


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