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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Red Daisy, 5x7 Oil

Red Daisy, 5x7
$100 + $10 S&H via Paypal

Inspired by Sally Dean, I decided to paint a daisy today. The red color looked easy till I started - and then I ended up using 2 reds, a rose and orange! I save jars of all kinds (it should be fun to clean out my cabinets when I'm gone:}) and these tall hot pepper jars are perfect for one bloom.

Below is a photo I found, and have been looking for, literally, for 6 years. My son Conor took this photo of my cat, Max, on a snowy day when we lived in Hingham. It's my heartbreak that this beloved friend 'went missing' during a series of severe (think: they closed the airports...) thunderstorms while I was on a trip with my Dad. When I came home he'd been gone for 5 days. I spent that night in a lawn chair in the back yard, singing, because that's what he always came home to... but no luck. I could sing anything, show tunes, holiday music, whatever, and he would come running. He was my very best cat friend ever, and is very missed, still, 7 years later. This photo now has a place of honor in my studio.


  1. Its a beautiful bloom Kelley- I love the way you used the trio of reds to define its shape.
    I am glad I inspired you! You do it better than me!
    And the sweet face of the cat- I am glad you found the picture,its so sad when our pets don't return, there's no closure.

  2. That's so sad, Kelley. I do love your bright daisy on this gloomy day.

  3. Kelley, there is power and heartbreak in the image of you sitting in the dark, singing for your little one and hoping he would come home. My heart goes out to you because I know you still miss him so much.
    many hugs, Nancy

  4. I think you really painted this gerber so beautifully. I tried one recently and this one looks so sure and its color is perfect!! I am sorry about your missed cat, but the wonderful photo is a great memory keeper!

  5. Kelley-
    Thanks for this cheery daisy on a gloomy day here, too. Lovely. I wish I could paint glass half as well as you.

  6. Thanks Sally and Pat. Nancy I know you know where I'm coming from with Max. Oh, Claudia, sometimes the best way to paint is with gritted teeth! Christine, I paint glass because it terrifies me!

  7. Glass in general terrifies you? Or the painting of it?

  8. :) Christine... I'm terrified of some things, but not glass! I'm terrified to paint it - each and every time. But I try to do things that terrify me, you know? Sometimes it's not so bad!

  9. You did a beautiful job with this, Kelley. As usual, I'm sure it reads better in the 'real'. Getting good photos is so hard sometimes. Those lighter backgrounds just flatten out.
    Max.... I also, can picture you in the lawn chair singing. You touch me with your devotion. XO
    He will be waiting for you in the next life.

  10. Oh...Max...I remember seeing your drawings around town of Max posted everywhere...and that was before I really knew you...

  11. Awww, Kelley.

    I'm sorry to hear about Max.

    That is indeed a wonderful photo. I think it's terribly sweet that you waited and sang and waited some more for your cat's return.

    Thanks for sharing this with us!



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