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Monday, November 30, 2009

Telephone Challenge: Help Me Choose!

I'm involved with a 'challenge' with 9 other artists, and this month our task was to paint something with a 'telephone' theme. I had a zillion ideas, then ran out of time. Tomorrow I'll show you my 'idea' page in my sketchbook, but tonight I just need some votes on which one I'll submit. The top one, "Stuff My Cell Hears...", is acrylic, with collage (that ran... which is one reason why I usually stick to 'regular' painting..) and the bottom one "Never Without The Blackberry..." is regular oil. It started OUT as an acrylic painting, but all of a sudden the darks started feeling sticky, and I realized I'd loaded an oil paint onto my acrylic palette... eeeks! So I took it to the studio today and re-did the painting in oil. So... help me out, please, and tell me in your comments which I should submit to the Challenge. People in the challenge thought I was the 'uploader' this month and sent me some really wonderful paintings, and I think I was intimidated!

Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving, and are sufficiently 'stuffed'!


  1. Had a great Thanksgiving, Kelley and hope you did too...
    I really like the second one.

  2. I love the collage! its so unusual for you. although i do really like the texting, and you really nailed the hand on the left...

  3. I like the first one. (Myself, I don't own a cellphone...)

  4. I like the second one - it reads better. I wish I were in a theme-painting group like yours - maybe I'll try out some of your themes for fun. Thanks for sending these little paintings and posts -I'm learning from them.

  5. OK - here's the deal - I need to fix that right hand thumb! I can do it in the studio tomorrow!

    I'm amazed that now I '
    *know* someone who doesn't own a cell phone!

  6. You know I really cannot decide!
    I like the first ones message but the second one is really cool too.
    Only thing that feels off to me in number 2 is the thumb on the right- but fingers and thumbs and hands and feet are a huge challenge ( maybe we should do that next time)

  7. Hey Kelley!! Love them both but unlike everyone else the first one is my favorite!!

  8. My husband voted for #2, but only if I fix the thumb! Joan voted for #2 as well!

  9. I am probably too late but I choose the first one - love the composition and lightness of it.


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