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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sweet Time Of Year, Oil 6x6

Sweet Time Of Year, 6x6
$100 + $10 S&H via Paypal

Very glare-y, will repost when it is drier! This goes into the category of "What Was I Thinking?" ONE hershey kiss is hard enough to do - try a dozen, seen through glass..... I probably won't have a post tomorrow, because I'm giving a talk today on "My Life As An Artist" - scary, huh? I'm carting two huge bins plus 2 display easels and 2 outsized paintings to do it.. and I should have left already, only I still need to shower! I'm just going to take this afternoon to breathe, and maybe get my house in a little order... This painting is the last one for the DeBlois Gallery, showing in December.


  1. Good luck tomorrow, Kelley. Like the kisses..

  2. Great painting. Sweet. Where are you giving the talk? If not sold out I would love to attend.

  3. Wow Kelley I really don't know what you were thinking but it turned out really well, good luck on thr talk

  4. What a challenge! I think you nestled the kisses wonderfully in the jar- beautiful!

  5. Nice job Kelley-
    Love the way they look nestled in the jar-you are great at the clear glass vessels!

  6. oh my gosh kelley!
    your work is truly amazing! have a great time at your talk! i wish i could come!

  7. Congrats, on your art talk. I'm sure it will be wonderful. Spectacular painting, as always.

  8. Very ambitious of you, Kelley!


  9. Very festive composition...this would make a terrific Holiday Card! Love those bright Red & Green Kisses. Your glass and the reflection is perfect. Love the reflection. Awesome job on this!

  10. You surely met that challenge well!Love the kisses, great subject.

  11. hi kelly
    how sweet it is! i particularly like the little indents in the candy. they make the mints very authentic.congratulations. you just keep getting better and better.
    kim muller-thym


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