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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Time for Decaf (Red Rose), 6x6 Oil


This is another of Conor's handmade mugs, perfect for a nice big cup of tea. I put down a piece of chocolate colored fabric, and it was tooooo dark. But with a bit of lavender cloth underneath, it worked. Or at least I think it did!


  1. It does work, Kelley. Nice for a cool day.

  2. Very nice, Kelley. Works for me too!

  3. Thanks, Pat, yes brisk like a cup of tea! Thanks, Christine, I always love to hear from you guys!

  4. looks great! love the clear tea tones in the liquid!

  5. Good Job- comforting and nice. I like the lilac too...

  6. Kelley, once again, I am impressed by the way your paintings comment on daily life! You have made a lovely painting from the humble teabag!

  7. I just discovered your website (thanks to browsing on Annechovie)...I love your work!!! I can't wait to tell my siblings about it! I am so excited --- your paintings really speak to me!

  8. Thanks for sharing your work! Finally reset my password so I'm not anonymous --- I just sent the previous comment ("excited about your work")!


  9. Beautiful and well done. I love the touch of lavender next to the chocolate of the tea and the fabric beneath it. It's almost a yellow/violet compliment!
    Off to work :D......

  10. I love this Kelley!

    The mug and the tea look so glossy!

    The brushstrokes are loose and crisp at the same time.

    Wonderful color choices too!

    Very, very nice job!


  11. I love your brush strokes this definitley worked


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