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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Figs, 6x6 Oil

This one is NFS (not for sale) because it's part of 4 paintings that will go to the DeBlois Gallery on Belleview Avenue, Newport, RI, for their Holiday Invitational Show next week! There will be 4 of them. I'm honored to be invited to join these fine artists!
After the show (Jan 1, 2010) this is $100 + $10 S&H via Paypal.

Another mouse incident in the studio cut short my painting day.... I had somehow gotten cad red all over one hand (now I was wearing gloves but...) and the pumice soap was not doing the trick (fast enough) so I grabbed my bottle of vegetable oil (which I had lost the cap to) and saw something bobbing inside the botle....something kind of round... with legs and... a long tail... A poor field mouse! What a horrible way to die! I couldn't paint any more. I mean, I'm the one who blares my horn when I see hunters' pickup trucks parked on the side of the highway... I figure if I save just ONE deer or duck by startling it.....


  1. I was talking to someone in my studio building today who told me she had her first "mouse incident." I thought...gee...we don't have any mice here...I've never seen any, so we musn't...right?

  2. What gorgeous color in these figs...EEK, a mouse in the oil! poor thing.

  3. hi kelley!

    oh what a gorgeous fig painting!

    sorry about the mousey. it is never fun to find them!


  4. I adore everything you paint!

    Too bad about the mouse.... that freaks me out! I had one in my studio a month ago.... I have to tell you that I don't do well with them.... yikes!

  5. I like the composition and the bits of pink or magenta peeking thru... and awww, poor mouse...

  6. I love your figs, Kelly.I quite like the fact that they are seperated by space.


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