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Monday, November 2, 2009

A Day With No Glasses, 5x7 Oil

Today I seem to have lost my last pair of 'readers'... OK, I had them on last night and today they're AWOL. So this was painted without any clear vision. Probably why its smudgy looking! I found a pair (stopped at two places on the way home from the studio - they each had every strength but 2.25, which is what I need - I didn't even CARE what they looked like!) in the bottom of my backpack, twisted so the 'arms' were in front - so I can kind of see now - although they're very scratched! Anyway I had this great pomegranate and wanted to paint it so I did (2 for $4 at Whole Foods). Kind of don't like the split background. Should've gone with all yellow-y green.


  1. Soooo funny! I bought pomegranate yesterday at Whole Foods also! I love them but what a mess. I had the juice all over!
    Love the painting.... I think it's great!!

  2. Foe someone painting without her glasses I would say this is very very good. Without my glasses, well it would be an abstract and not a good one. Jeanne

  3. I hate it when I lose my glasses--basically can't see! Very nice painting, love your colors.

  4. Love this Kelley! I often paint without my glasses, putting them on near the end to see how I've done. Sometimes it works! It sure did for you today.

  5. Smudgy works really well Kelley! I like the fact that you did not paint every one of those little seeds, and until I read about the background, I just read it as a shift in works for me!

  6. The seeds (or whatever they are called) look so great. These colors are so beautiful together. I think the split background gives it interest and ties back in with the shadow. Really lovely!

  7. Kelley!

    If you could paint this without glasses imagine what you COULD do with them on!



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