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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Chocolate Munchkins and Iced Coffee, 8x8 Inches, Oil Painting

Donut War Ammo of the Day: Chocolate Munchkins!
There's a little girl here in New England, who very, very soon is going to be a Big Sister.  Her mom likes to cool off with iced coffee, and she likes munchkins... and iced coffee.  We had coffee as kids as a treat - with milk and sugar, and my mom used to make us iced coffee, too.  So I identify with her.  Her mom is thinking of getting a painting for her.  Right now all you can get is Captain America cups at Dunkins - hunh?  But if she wants to wait out this movie theme, then this painting will be for sale and I'll do another one for her.  Good luck, little Big Sister - I hope you love, love, love your new baby!

So for the Donut War... today's treat (I mean weapon) is CHOCOLATE MUNCHKINS!
Take these little tender balls of chocolate cake glazed with honey-dip, Susan Roden!


  1. I can just feel the cold icey good ness of this one. Also, hope big sister like girl power and Captain America is just awesome!! Those chocolate yummy treats make me want one right now:) Amazing painting!

  2. HQ! I have to go to camp early and buy lots of Munchkins for my campers today !(and a big iced Joe for me)
    Very fitting! I am sure Susan Roden is preparing to fire back- this one is a beauty! Looks like the munchkins are making a run for it...

  3. Your chocolate munchkins are so awesome. When you told me you were painting them I had no idea how you would paint a munchkin and have it look like a munchkin. It does!! We weren't allowed donuts as a kid and no coffee, iced or otherwise. The parents said it would stunt our growth. I was so miss-treated.

  4. Fun painting and fun story!

    My parents said coffee would make you neck turn brown. Of course, I knew they were teasing me.

  5. Virginia! I never heard that - I'd better go check my neck! :D
    Thanks you guys...

  6. Love this one Kelley. Great composition!

  7. I see the chocolate that we both have it going on Kelley - good one. Not one but a toss of 4 tiny donuts - ouch . ouch . ouch . ouch!

    ps Read in the paper this morning that Dunkins' stock is up - because of you?

  8. Fantastic design! (and paint application) Love the repetition of the circles in the munchkins playing off the logo. You Rock!


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