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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Beavertail State Park View, 8x10, Oil

Today the Painting Safari went to Jamestown, RI.  This is a view from the rocks on the side of the lighthouse.   What I loved painting was the changing colors of the water, and those gorgeous puffy clouds!

To clarify something - this is the weekend for the South Coast Open Studio Tour -  but I am not participating this July.  I WILL, however, will be open in August - and it will be fanTAStic.  This weekend, however, I will be visiting as many studios that I can! 

Also, below is a commission I just finished for my daughter's boyfriend's birthday:  It is he and Molly last Derby Day:


  1. Well priorities first:), love the drawing of Molly and boyfriend! A talented treasure that is beautiful. Girl, you can draw:)
    Love the safari painting- wish I could join y'all. Love the sky- I am all about clouds and these are gorgeous. Beautiful colors and those rocks are amazing. Love this one!

  2. That water looks so cold and refreshing!
    The drawing is terrific, too-love Molly's big hat.

  3. Love the color interplay between the rocks and water. Well done, looked like a successful day.

  4. Love everything about the painting and the drawing is priceless especially the hat. Derby parties are such fun.

  5. The water looks amazing, Kelley! It looks so cool and deep. Wonderful colors.


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