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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sparkle Donut, 6x6 Inches, Oil Painting

 It's Monday!  Thank means there's probably 'incoming' doughy delectables coming in from CA from Susan Roden's blog!  I've got this great big chocolate frosted incredibly sprinkled donut as my shield!  Seriously, I could have gobbled this up - but I didn't!
This was a very 'family' weekend.  Sons came and hung out and ate... nice, nice, nice!
On Friday Tim and I went to visit Mary Sheehan Winn at her spot on the Ptown Pier~!
Here's Mary deftly taking a credit card from my hubby.... (I couldn't resist - I bought one of her beautiful paintings!)

Mary's wry sense of humor (the next shack had art from China).  Her set up was on the right side of the room.
It was a hot and steamy day.  Broke records.  We couldn't find a cool restaurant to eat dinner!  We ended up in Wellfleet, and it was HOTTER inside than outside - and the hostess argued with anyone who complained!  She kept insisting that the air conditioners were working.  We mentioned it to our waitress (in between sopping our faces) and her response was "Well, it's 125 degrees in the kitchen."  Um... yeah, I wasn't planning on eating in the kitchen, and I felt bad for them, but.... next time, we'll head to an awful fast food place, because they ALWAYS have air conditioning.  Bad food, yeah, but at least you won't melt while you eat!


  1. I've just found your blog and I love it! Your work is amazing (I'm especially in love with the donuts!) and I've done a little write-up over on our art guild blog! So if you have a moment, please check it out -

  2. YOWZA!
    S.P.R.I.N.K.L.E.S . . . who would have guessed? Not I said the chocolate smeared pastelist in San Diego.

    I had a sprinkles here . . . but ate it Kelley.

  3. Yowza! A carnival for the mouth and eyes! Love the workshop tales:)

  4. Amazing treat with all those sprinkles!! A party on a doughnut for sure. Love all the variety in the colors and looks good enough to eat:) You are a sweet and supportive friend to go visit MSW. I know she appreciated that. And the best:) Fun post Kell!

  5. Wow! Unbelievable how you painted all those sprinkles.! Another great one! Good composition.

  6. This reminds me of confetti and looks yummy as well. We are breaking all heat records here. Atticus only goes around the block and is glad to get back home.

  7. Thanks, everybody! And Pam, about the zillions of sprinkles - I truly get in a *zone*...

  8. Fabulous, delectable, painting!! Can you gain weight just from looking:P Love Mary's sign, too funny! Hope you have a great week, stay cool!

  9. Looking yummy! Wonderful to open the DP Gallery and see your work there. Howie sends regards to Paco-Pants.

  10. I swear I gain weight just looking at your blog! Love all the multi-colored sprinkles!

  11. (Hear the Background music from the movie Jaws)
    do... nut... do nut... Just when I thought I could wade into a new diet attempt I turn on the computer and chomp chomp.. the donut wars have begun. Just not fair Kelley and Susan you are temptresses!

  12. G-D it was HOT. Belated thanks for the visit and the support (Purchase) as always ;)


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