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Monday, July 11, 2011

San Miguel Souvenir, 6x6 Inches, Oil

I've been lucky enough to visit San Miguel de Allende in Mexico three times - each time I buy little painted or metal crosses.  The painted ones are so cheerful and colorful, they make a nice display grouped together on a wall.  I am longing to return, it is such a wonderful little town, and I hope maybe next year.....

And just to put your minds at rest, the Donut War will probably only be 2 days a week!  So adjust your diets accordingly!  I know for a fact a few of you relieved Dunkin Donuts and Sip and Dip of a number of Chocolate Frosted Donuts today!!!!  A wonderful artist I met in Atlanta, at Leslie and Dreama's workshop, bought the Chocolate Donut painting!  


  1. Sweet.You can paint anything!
    When you go I would like to carry your bags.

  2. Markie... think before you offer!!! I'd take you up on it in a MINUTE because SM is all hills!! :) Thank you, sweetie!

  3. Beautiful painting! I love
    Sam Miguel also, and this is a wonderful memento of happy days, enjoying SM!

  4. I haven't been here in! So many good paintings! I like your cross. Beautiful colors! And Bristol Swing Bridge is a fav!!

  5. This is beautiful, Kelley. You are really on a roll with your wonderful work!

  6. Kelley, this is terrific! What a great idea to paint your souvenir. I have a little tile from Greece that I may have to do the same with:) Beautiful colors!!

  7. Love this painting. The colors and simplicity.


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