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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

York Patties, Spring Colors, 6x6, Oil

Small confession to make... I bought a bag of these the day after VALENTINE's Day to paint.  Somehow the pile of them just went down and down.  I'd like to say visitors to my studio kept nibbling on them... but that would be untrue.  So!  On to a new bag!  And I have to say, colored foil is challenging!  Now... let's have more of that Spring weather, huh?  One day of rain and I'm not happy!


  1. Foil is challenging, but these are great. One of my favorite candies...

  2. They look good. Want them with my morning coffee : )

  3. I am wishing i had one of those puppies right now!
    You are great with foil and sweet treats in general-
    Must be because you are a sweetheart!

  4. Fun little painting, Kelley!

    And what's wrong with rainy weather? That's my favorite type!


  5. Thanks so much you guys! Dean - if you had to walk the dog who doesn't like to 'go' in wet weather, you wouldn't like it either - 20 minutes in the rain - went right through my raincoat, sweater and blouse!


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