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Monday, March 8, 2010

Mojito! 8x8 Acrylic

I set this up in my house and worked in acrylic - more difficult for me with the things like glass, etc., but easier with layering of the limes!  If anyone wants this please email me very soon ($100 & $10 s&h via PayPal), because next weekend I'll be giving it to my daughter to auction off - she's still only halfway to her fundraising goal for her Boston Marathon Run.  I'll post a link to her site, too, because people have been asking about it.  Anyway my favorite Mojito is made with sake (ooooh, so smooth!) but this one is traditional, with rum!    Hot lights & ice.... equal rapid painting!


  1. I LOVE mojitos! I LOVE sake! I LOVE your painting!
    This rocks on so many levels (it's even ON the rocks!).
    Thanks for catching the glitch on my blog page, Kelley. I have fixed the About Me and added a subtitle.
    I LOVE blogging! :-)

  2. Wow. I have to say this photo looks really bad! IRL it's much livelier! I'll try again...

  3. I love mojitos! Have never tried it with sake. Sounds yummy. I see a sake mojito in my future!

    Love your painting. The limes are amazing and the drink looks cool and refreshing!

  4. This looks like such a cool taste of summer...

  5. I've never had one with sake. Okay, I've never had a mojito even.

    Always learning something from your posts. I really like the way you got that characteristic light green color in there.

  6. Cocktails and Painting with Kelley! I love it!! How bout that for a painting group? lol! I'd be in!!

  7. It's amazing how you've made this look so refreshing! I love it!


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