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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Coffee & Donut, 6x8, Oil

The coffee shop across the road has started selling their own coffee mugs - in adorable blue with yellow insides!  So, of course I had to stop in and get a jelly donut (and yes, that big bite was DELICIOUS!) to sit and keep the coffee company.   I liked painting their relationship.
Did I mention that my work (and Paco's face) is in a beautiful video that Myra, whose wonderful Blog I follow, made and posted on YouTube?  Oh, you have to check it out!
$100 & $10 s&h via Paypal


  1. There is that delicious jelly doughnut again. You do do such a great job with them.

  2. The jelly donut looks yummy. And what a cute mug. Loved the video of Paco- he is famous! Let's see more! How sweet of your friend to shoot and edit it. What fun!!

  3. I love it! Coastal is selling donuts now?

  4. Love this painting...we have a new Dunkin Donuts in town...I have to
    go there after seeing this jelly donut! You really capture the different values in the jelly and it looks so real!!

  5. This is so beautiful! The donut looked so real that it made me hungry!

  6. I love the colors in the mug and the jelly donut looks yummy!

    How is it living with a celebrity dog? He's a real cutie!

  7. This is so wonderfully painted Kelley...I'm impressed you could have only one bite!

  8. Looks good Kelley! (In more ways than one). I love that color of blue also. - just how cold did that coffee get?

  9. Kelley!

    You nailed this one!

    A very strong painting.

    Lots of delicate details on the donut from the fine powdered sugar to the jelly filling.

    That blue mug is lovely too! I just adore the yellow lining!

    Now I want one (a donut and a mug)!


  10. Kelley -
    Thank you for posting on my blog! Your work is so lovely - I love the freshness of your brush strokes : )

  11. I love this, but please tell me you painted it from a photo. I don't know how anyone could take just one bite from such a scrumptious looking jelly doughnut and then stare at it while they painted it. It sounds cruel just thinking about it.

  12. This is great, Kelley - I can see why you'd want to paint the mug!

  13. You're waking my Sugar Monster...this looks delicious!

    Watched Paco's video. SO cute! Love the one of him drinking his Martini.

  14. Oh, I LOVE this. You do donuts so well. The yellow and blue cup is to die for, both for real and painting wise.

  15. That donut looks sooooooo delicious! wonderful job, Kelley!


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