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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

One Sugar, Two Donut Holes, Oil, 6x6

I love these Buffalo Mugs, with their chunky handles.  Trying to keep it looser.  I'm having a show in a coffee shop in Boston in late Spring, so I'm indulging my love of all things coffee!

Thursday night at Gallery Z  in Providence, from 5-7 I'll be participating in a Silent Auction to benefit the victims in Haiti.  Come on down if you can!  My framed painting of 'Fortune', below, will be auctioned off.  Let's hope it's a lucky fortune for the Haitians!


  1. Kelly,
    I just want to tell you how much I love reading your blog. Love the paintings and especially your sense of humor.
    Thought of you yesterday when the Senator from RI, was it Whitehouse maybe was on TV. He is terrific from the few minutes I saw him. He was talking about how we will all love the new health care bill when we finally get the facts. I'm not political but husband is so we see lots of political commentary...most of it goes right over my head but your Senator made a lasting impression

  2. I love it. I don't think it's too tight, either,

  3. Did the mice get at those 2 donut holes again?
    Great job.

  4. Thanks Melissa! So nice of you, and yes, I was proud of our Senator, too!
    Glad for your input, MSW!
    Betty Ann, the 'mouse' was named Paco!

  5. Good luck with the upcoming shows, Kelley. Great work for them.

  6. The coffee and donuts look absolutely delicious!

  7. Love this painting! It is definitely not tight. Would love to see it in person with your other paintings, but Boston is a bit far from Fort Worth! At least I can see them on your blog. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I love this kelley- I need a cuppa now! I love how coffee tastes in those big heavy mugs. I read the fortune on your cookie. Its great that you are donating and I hope it raises a lot if funds.

  9. Nice cup of coffee, I grabbed for my cup the moment I saw it, but alas, it was empty! For your exhibition, see if you can find some enamel coffee cans, I remember something that you did with enamel and it was very good!

  10. Fantastically good painting, Kelley.

  11. Kelley!

    Love the title of this one!

    Pat on the back for donating your art to a good cause too!



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