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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Stonebridge Area!!! 8x10, Oil

With temperatures in the 50's+ and a still, sunny day, I took Paco down to the Stonebridge and looked up towards Coastal Roasters Coffee Shop.  Scene was a little more complicated than I first thought (hmmmm...) and before I knew it 3 HOURS had gone by - the light had changed, and we were DONE!  I am so proud of Paco, he was the BEST plein air dog ever.  I made a bed out of sheepskin (fake) and beach towels with 3 of his babies, a bone and a bowl of water (really, it was easier taking my little kids places).  And he sat, sniffed the salt air, and lolled about, thoroughly enjoying himself.  Only had to interrupt painting twice to pull cigarette butts out of his mouth - do people not think that's litter?  Anyway, it was a Happy St. Patrick's Day!

$100 & $10 S&H via PayPal 


  1. Amazing little painting, Kelley. It was such a gorgeous day, and more coming. Good for Paco.

  2. I think this is one of your best most charming works ever! Hello spring!

  3. I love your plein air work. It is a beautiful piece.

  4. This is a beautiful painting, Kelley. The reflections in the water, the colors, composition and subject matter are so very nice. Obviously, it was a good time for you and Paco!

  5. Kelley, Gorgeous, it sounds like this day was was just waiting for you! and Paco too! What a lovely painting , and what a lovely story!Best wishes for more days like that!

  6. very English country side feeling to this. I kinda like it :D
    Paco, is such a good boy.
    Wish I were there with you.

  7. Congratulations!!! Not only did you "get out" - you killed it! That's one terrific plein air painting Kelley!

  8. This is a great color combo and great little composition. I really like your plein air work, too

  9. A wonderful landscape, Kelley! I love the warm color scheme! You are so fast with your postings!

  10. Love this!
    I don't have computer logged on yet but will soon
    This has a lovely early spring feel and soft
    And vintage- y

  11. Kelley, this came out Great!!! What a success, it has the feel of the day and definately a"done outside from life" feel. Perfect!

  12. Good boy, Paco!


    Did you paint this scene in just three hours?

    Go you!



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