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Thursday, May 21, 2009

This weekend is the Festival of the Arts - worth going to even if I didn't get into the juried show ;) The art in the show is great, and I do have about 10 pieces in the 'Art Sale' barn. There's music, demo's, high quality crafts, hands-on stuff for kids, and food. Worth the trip if you're in MA, RI or even NH. In Marshfield, off Rte 3A - you'll see the signs.

I didn't do a Daily Painting yesterday or the day before, because I've been working on a fundraiser for the North River Art Society's annual Festival. They gave you a pillowcase (of course I took TWO) and you could do... whatever. Sounded fun, but I'd never decorated a pillow and was waaaay out of my league. I did countless sketches, dyed the pillowcases blue (another first for me) and changed my mind about what to do with them a thousand times. Ended up with a starfish theme.


  1. Love the pillowcase, Kelley. I know what you mean..I did a tote bag one year and thought...what are you thinking???I didn't enter this year, couldn't get it together..

  2. Very cool Kelley! Love the theme!

  3. Wow, you even dyed the fabric! I looked at them but did not take one...I think it's a great idea but just couldn't fit it in this year.


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