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Friday, May 15, 2009

Long Time Gone....

First of all I want to thank everybody who sent encouraging comments to me - I've been a whole month 'immersed' in the baby dog! Now, I think it's a good investment of my time, since he's going to be my companion for (hopefully) many years, but it's been hard not to paint. It's getting better, and he's a little doll. (**Valerie you were sooooo right!)

This painting is a 6x6 acrylic - my starfish paperweight that I keep on my yellow kitchen windowsill. There are so many layers of greeny blues that I've hesitated to tackle it. As it is, when it was finished my son said "that's great - it looks like I could pick it up!" while my husband said "umm... you can hardly tell what it is...."

Among the things that have kept me away from posting recently is the plethora of Spring juried shows. After 2 total smackdowns of my Big Sky from the Littlest State series, that I'd worked on so hard this winter I think I'm going to NOT enter juried shows for a little while. Take a break. I'm in really good company this year, but still, I think I'd rather just paint for my own sake, and not rely on jurors to affirm my art. We'll see how long this lasts, as I am at heart rather competitve!

More than you need/want to know: last week I saw a Medium, and it was very cool. She said - without prompting - that I must work in a creative field and that I need to try a different direction. I had been thinking earlier that day about the very cool art I've encountered in the blogsphere (you know who you are!) and how I'd love to experiment a little more, like them. For instance - HOW does Manon Doyle (see link to the right) get those loose, lovely ethereal images? Oh, there are so many that I check in on and wistfully linger at! So I'm giving myself not only permission but an order to experiment more and not say 'no' to any new artistic whim. Today I'm painting pillows, and my theme is aquatic (thinking starfish, again)... we'll see....

And Paco needs his own blog, I think.... any thoughts for a title?


  1. Hey Kelley - take heart, you are not alone, I am always heartily rejected from juried shows, even the little local ones. I am finally learning to let go of the status quo and paint the way I want, regardless of what jurors want. Follow your bliss, you already have such a great journey under way! I love Manon's work, she inspires me constantly!
    I consulted with Howard Pee Pugpants, who I channel for my pug blog, and he suggests Paco's Ponderings.
    pughugs from Texas...

  2. Whoa! You are much too kind Kelley! Thank you! Wouldn't be so much fun to start our own kind of show like ... let's say.... the sister's of the sun show that empowers female artists like us. Women who just want to paint what speaks to them..... women with passion. Kind of like Sarah McLachlan's Lilith Fair but for artists. Just a crazy thought this Friday afternoon.

    BTW..... I knew it was a starfish paperweight the moment I came to your blog! I love it!

  3. Kelley, I'm so glad to see a new painting! I really MISS it when you don't post new work!! I look forward to any experimental/new work in the near future!!

  4. Kelley!

    Glad to have you back posting and painting again.

    I have to agree with your husband on this one. I wouldn't have known what that was a painting of until you told me.

    That being said, I love the colors! All the different blues look amazing. Very much like water!

    And yeah, Paco so needs his own blog!


  5. Love the rich colors in this painting. Yes, you are in good company with the rejections....just have to move on.

  6. So glad to see a new painting from you, Kelley, I've missed your posts! I figured you were having fun bonding with Paco.

    I love this painting, the composition and the colors. So bold and peaceful all at once. BTW, I totally knew it was a glass paperweight before I read your post. Hmmm, I wonder if it's a man-woman thing.

    Can't wait to see where your creative journey takes you next! You go!

  7. Jurors? You don't need no stinkin' jurors? Their decisions are subjective and arbitrary. It's a popularity contest more than anything else. Forge a new path! Take that road not taken! Oh, and a suggestion for Paco's blog: "Dogosphere". With many good wishes and encouragement, Marianne

  8. Hey...I really like what Marianne G. mentioned in her post..."You don't need no stinkin' jurors!" stings at I think I mentioned to you I was SURE at LEAST a couple of mine would get into the shows (AND win awards, AND have buyers vying for them...) but alas it was not to be...oh well, off to the next painting! and I love Manon's suggestion...Go Sisters of the Sun!

  9. Love all of this Sistah Artist power.
    The hell with Judges.
    You rock, Kelley and I'm thinking along Nancy's line, Paco Pontificates or maybe Pug Power ;)
    You are funny. Did I tell you that there are TWO MORE pugs in the neighborhood now? They are being fostered by a Pug rescue. I met them walking. See you soon.

  10. Ha, I LOVE the two different comments you got from two different family members. Made me laugh. :)

    Paco most certainly needs his own blog.

    Good for you for deciding you need/want time and space to experiment more with your art!


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