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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial, acrylic 11x14

Today's post is actually a larger, plein air piece from last year, done in Cohasset, MA with Paula Villanova and Ros Farbush. It's like a 'hero's field' with a flag for each deceased veteran. I think we need to always honor those who fought for our country, and especially the ones who gave their lives. I always think of the most recent casualties, and how their families must miss them, and how holidays are such poignant times for them. Now, from my age, I also think how many young people go into the service with such high ideals and hope for doing good, and how they learn fast how hard this thing they've chosen to do is. Well, I hope everyone had a good 3 day weekend, too.

And Paco does indeed have his own blog now: Paco's Pugtails... I know, crazy. huh?


  1. Kelley, Beautiful, I love the flags! This captures a true patriotic moment. Perfect for Memorial Day! Paco's blog is really great. Just think, he is so young and already so accomplished!

  2. Awesome post and very touching painting Kelley!
    I'll make sure to stop by Paco's Pugtails!!

  3. great painting Kelley and the post is very fitting. nicely done! I plan on visiting your pug's blog too!

  4. well I remember this...I had hoped to get back there this year for another one but don't think I'll be able to...

  5. Love this painting, reminds me of my Father, a retired Postmaster.

  6. A very good post...Thanks for sharing your art and thoughts.

  7. I knew I recognized that scene! There's a new memorial field there this year.

    Check out my new blog


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