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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Path Thru The Dunes 6x8 Oil

If this looks familiar to my friends, it's because it's a 'work-down' (as opposed to a work-up, where you make a small painting larger). I did a bigger, square painting plein air, in acrylics last year. This path is in Westport, MA, at Horse Neck Beach. It was fun to take the design and crystalize it - make it smaller and more poster-like. I actually like the smaller one better. I'll see if I can find an image (or take a picture) of the larger painting so you can see. Yes, I like painting from life better, but sometimes it's about the design, and the texture of the paint (which I am not sure shows up so much in the photo!).


  1. Very nice Kelley. That is such a beautiful beach.

  2. Kelley, I just love this painting!! The abstract, simple, and elegant composition, is so, so, impressive! This really inspires me to do some landscapes! It is my of my favorites of all the work that I've seen on your blog! The colors, I almost forgot to mention, are fabulous! I can hardly wait to see more like this, please don't stop!!

  3. really excellent Kelley! I love the subtle changes in the sand dune color as you go up into the light. I also think the difinitive brushstrokes in the vegetation is perfect !!! love it!

  4. Yeah...and sometimes these excercises yield pleasant surprises. Nice painting.

  5. Kelley, I really love this painting! It is so simple and elegant, almost abstract! The colors and compostion are just gorgeous! This inspires me to some landscapes!

  6. Love it Kelley!
    I wish I could paint outside but I'd have to lug a million mixed media supplies!


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