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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Yellow Roses 6x6 Oil

These roses are from my garden - there are so many right now I can't keep up!  I have vases, cups, bowls - all filled with yellow, white, red, striped, orange, peach and pink roses - I'm in 7th heaven!  My show was supposed to Open last night but there was a problem with the Library's plumbing - so it's been postponed two weeks.  I'll dedicate a post to it later.  Right now, after the intensity of getting ready for the show I told myself I wouldn't paint for 2 weeks - an enforced 'vacation'.  To let my creativity lie fallow for a little while and see what comes of it.  It lasted 3 days, and for 2 of those days all I could think about was painting!


  1. Oooh I am so jealous of all your flowers....Yellow happen to be absolute favorite. A very dear friend gave me two dozn yellow one valentine's day because I was mopey and depressed, and dateless...He told yellow was for friendship and ever since they have been my favorite! Good luck with your opening...Too bad it's postponed. I will check back for details! Thanks for your lovely comment. It made me smile! :-)

  2. I love the quirky composition of this one - looking forward to your show (again)!

  3. Lovely, and may I say I admire your resolve to grow roses. I've had some beautiful roses only to have them die off for one reason or another, unknown, of course, to me ;)
    A friend of mine loves only yellow roses because of the friendship association.


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