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Monday, July 28, 2008

Two Pieces Left, Oil 6x6


Font sizeI'm watermelon-obsessed!  I actually tried one day last week (Thursday?) to paint a stack of thick sliced watermelon, but couldn't do it justice... a wipe-off.  I love the many, many reds you use in painting this stuff, not to mention the yellows and pinks.  I'll miss it when the season's over.
And Happy Birthday to Paula Villanova!  Check out her blog and wish her a happy day!


  1. This is nice, I like the reds and the pale green rinds.

  2. OH....your art is gorgeouS!! I looked through several on this first page so far. I'll have to bookmark you and come back. So nice.

    Thanks for visiting. Interesting story about the pennies.

  3. I love watermelon. These are so beautiful! Luscious!

  4. Both of your watermelon paintings are beautiful. Makes me want to run to the store and get one, not to eat, but to paint. Carol


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