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Monday, July 28, 2008

It's Plum Time, Oil, 6x6

I got these new painting panels from Karl Heerdt and couldn't wait to try them.   He's a Daily Painter, and has been making his own panels - decided to make it a little business.  They're nice!  They're pretty inexpensive (with shipping my pack of 10 cost $20) and they're canvas on masonite.  On the way to the studio I stopped to get some corn for tonight's dinner and saw three bins of plums.  Now, I LOVE plums, and I love the color of them, too.  So... at the studio I put them on a beautiful green background - and - voila!


  1. Thanks Kelley! Your painting of the view from Janet's looks great so far. It was a great vantage point and excellent company!

  2. Love the colors! Green and purple is one of my favorite combinations!

  3. Lovely work, Kelley - and nicely done! I am glad you're ignoring the advice of the well-meaning person who said 'food has been done and done and done' because I too, love to paint food! AND - I don't happen to believe that just because it's been 'done', that's the definitive answer. Carry on!


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