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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Salvia Cottage, 12x12 Oil

On a trip to Ptown during a painting trip this week, we pulled in across from Days Cottages (Ptown, I think, or it could be in Truro....)  And having just been to all the fabulous galleries in Ptown I was  so psyched to get out the paints.  All these little cozy cottages are lined up along the road, perched on the edge of the beach - nothing between them and the gorgeous bay but a strip of lovely sand.  The neat and tidy cottages each bear the name of a flower - I chose Salvia, partly because of the red jeep with the green kayak in front of it.  The light was just starting to slant and there was fantastic 'bounce' of this yellow light up into the shadow on the right side of the building.  Anyway...this nice family from Western MA was staying there, and they purchased the painting right off the easel.  I hope they enjoy it as much as I enjoyed painting it!


  1. Ohhhh I was sad this was sold! I LOVE it! It just speaks instantly of this area! Completely! Thanks for the info on the rose...I never know what the real name for things is...THere is this little purple flower that grows near/on the beach that I have always called "beach pea"...I think I made it up though! But now my daughter calls it that too..Oh well :-)

  2. SWEET! What a fabulous day for you.
    How I hate to miss a trip like that!
    I'm connecting through the Fundy Geological Museum and have umptee-zillion emails to sort.
    Here in NS since Monday night and I did one small oil and two watercolors but no good photos yet so I'm going to delay posting them

  3. I LOVE the promo piece sent out by NRAS-looking forward to your show.

  4. Kelley,
    I love the sense of light on this piece - very nice. And the cosmos are also a favorite. Your work is lovely.


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