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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Last Night, 11x14 acrylic

Amazing, gorgeous, clear warm evening last night, and while the sunset itself was jaw-dropping, the view up the river was soft and aqua/rose. So I grabbed my acrylics, and thinking of wonderful Marcia Burtt, laid in wet shapes with a big brush, then found it impossible to work with, but I kept at it applying more paint in washes, then in thick brushfulls for the land masses. My husband does not like the way I 'squared off' the land mass to the right, but I was abstracting it, not doing a portrait of Aquidneck Island. Well, I love the washiness of this, and though it's not a typical 'daily painting', I'm super busy this week trying to organize for my upcoming show and dealing with car issues ("Oh, Officer, is it reeeaaallly June already? I thought I still had a few days to get that inspection sticker! And you say I have a headlight out so I have to get that fixed first? NO problem!).

I can't believe how washed out the color is when it's posted! I'll try again in better light.


    Every year my sticker has a new month on it ;)

  2. I like the current in the foreground...

  3. Great Work. Would you be interested in doing a reciprocal link exchange. I'm a fellow Daily Painter and my blog is:

    My email is:


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