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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Among Three Angels, 6x4 inch Acrylic Painting by Kelley MacDonald

All the bases are covered if you've got these three on your side.  Health?  Relationships? Abundance? Work?  Children? Grief/Loss?
I am enjoying painting in this very different manner for a few paintings… so very many layers of colors, and all the while keeping color, value, temperature in mind. Plus, can I tell you how satisfying it is to mix up a color and SLATHER it on with a palette knife?  MMMMmmmmMMm.  Tomorrow's will be more traditional (I THINK).

This trio brings to mind, though, my daughter and her two close friends growing up.  They were peas in a pod, one blonde, one light brown, one dark brown haired.  At age 29 they are all still close, though the darkest 'angel' lives across the country, and is married, with a babe on the way - we are all going to be vicarious Grandmothers in our group!


  1. I wish these three could would gather around my daughter right now. A great trio to have in your corner.

  2. What a sweet post....and great series Kelley! Always fun to play in the paint!

  3. This is such a dear painting. And you did a great job with the palette knife.

  4. aren't grown kids just the best?! I like this painting even more now that I know its "story." Thanks for sharing.

  5. I'm enjoying watching this series develop Kelley, cool paintings and the stories are fascinating!

  6. This is very meaningful to a lot of us. Thank you.


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