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Friday, January 17, 2014

Archangel Ariel, 6x6 Inch Acrylic Painting by Kelley MacDonald

Ariel is called the "Lioness Of God", and she is often shown warrior-like.  But her passion and influence is the natural world, and she lets herself be felt when we observe and enjoy the forests, meadows, beaches, deserts and mountains.  She invites us to experience the joy of nature, and supposedly when you find yourself feeling a sense of calm and 'rightness' as you look upon the waves of the ocean, or a bubbling stream or the awesome heights of mountains… she is with you.  

Also included in her realm are all of God's animals, and she is their protector and guardian.  
They say that you can call on her to help your beloved pets, so keep that in mind!

I think I prefer painting on smooth surfaces, like boards.  I like the way the paint slides on - and I don't have to 'fight' with the canvas, which grabs the paint.  Just easier, I think.  So why, you ask, am I going to Dick Blick this afternoon to use a gift certificate for their awesome sale on canvases?  *Shrug*  Can't resist a good sale.

As I was painting this I thought… who does this angel look like?… Do you have an idea?  purely coincidental….. huh...


  1. She is fierce! I really like how you handled the paint on her face, hair and shirt. My favorite part is her forehead. You were spot on with the color and value.

  2. My first thought was…it's Molly :D
    It;s a nice painting Kell.

  3. Missed a few days but have so enjoyed reviewing what I missed. I love her look (and boy! Wouldn't I love to look like this one!)...The previous angel just grabs my attention too. Something so 1800's about it to me. Gorgeous work, Kelley! I'm so glad you've been doing angels. I've never been a collector of angels nor thought about them much but I must confess, I've so enjoyed seeing your paintings and reading about your inspirations for them.

  4. Ariel has attitude! How cool is that. This is turning out to be quite fun Kelley!


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