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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Pulling Out All The Stops For North River

I kid you not.  This year I am offering some of my favorite pieces at the North River Arts Holiday Sale.   We all need to find our path.  Find this at the sale today, Sunday from 10-2.  Have fun!  You will be wondrously surprised at the selection this year!

AND…..  (gosh, what a busy time of year)

And… keep your socks on… because on Thursday, my Girls Just Wanna Paint Peeps will be on hand to meet and greet….. from 5-8 at Thayer Academy in Braintree…
I'll put the directions up  in a day or so.  


  1. Lovely painting! And you have found your path---so many great things going on! Happy for you...missed a painting or two of yours somehow- love the tulips and Paco asleep in the sweet! Keep up the amazing work- go kell go! xo

  2. You are one busy lady. Love the "Path" painting. Makes me want to go to the beach.

  3. Lost my own comment by hitting a "sign out" button. Anyway, I love the blues and greens in this one. My favorite color combo, in fact.

  4. Gah! I lost the comment again when it "redirected" me to sign into Google. I already lost the first one by accidentally "signing out" instead of publishing. Ok...this is a fave just because I love blues and greens together. You do field grasses masterfully too!

  5. Ditto what Kathy said! Love this path painting - so glorious. Wishing you a fun day and LOTS of sales!! xoxo


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