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Friday, November 8, 2013

Miss Chloe, 6x6 Inch Oil Painting by Kelley MacDonald

This sweet girl is near and dear to the heart of someone who lives near me in the summertime.  I am a sucker for the expressive face on a dachshund!  This painting is going to it's home this week, and I am thrilled to have had the privilege to paint her.

Pets make such a difference in our lives.  They lower our blood pressure (although sometimes, I'm certain mine RAISE mine), are constant and nonjudgmental. They're warm and snuggly and they look at us as if we are the best things in the world. They forgive our shortcomings, our mistakes, our foibles. This weekend I'm babysitting Charlie the Klee-Kai, my son's dog (sort of a mini- husky).  And he's just about perfect.  Well, 'christening' the drapes aside, that is.  I'm forgiving him just like he'd forgive me.  (although, truly I've never been inclined to do anything like that to drapery…)


  1. OHH This little girl warms my heart. Little dachsy. Beautiful portrait. Well done

  2. That proves it Kelley You just ain't a male dog!

  3. Oh boy! I love the blue stripes setting her off so beautifully and the bits of blue picked up on her face. Quite wonderful!! I've never been inclined to do that to a drapery either so I'm guessing your son's dog is a boy??? LOLOLOL Teehee! So...were you able to wash them clean or have to send them to a dry cleaner?

  4. Love the way you've brought Chloe to life on the canvas. You are so right about pets and how they enrich
    our lives.


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