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Monday, November 11, 2013

Pug In The Sun, 5x7 inches, Oil Painting by Kelley MacDonald

I did this one a while ago, but kept it as it is a favorite of mine.  Almost abstract, the sleepy pug (yes, it's Paco) has snagged one of the choice spots in the house - on a dining room chair in the sun.  I didn't include it but there's at least one cat in an adjacent chair.  Never happier than when with me, he really suffers when he's alone…. and let me clarify that the cats or my son Rory's dog Charlie DO NOT COUNT.  He is either with me or alone, those pretty much are his two states of being.  We enjoyed a beautiful walk tonight and it was mild and the air was sweet.  It almost ended too quickly….. I think we could have just kept going….
*If you are interested just email me, as I must cull my collection since I moved my studio into my house…"


  1. Love this one and I love the story. The composition and brush strokes do make it appear abstract at a glance...but upon further observation sleeping Paco is revealed. So expertly done...

  2. Yes! This a beautifully loose depiction of your best expressive....the shadows of the chair on his fur are priceless...

  3. Paco would only be happier if he were on your lap. Lovely composition. I do like this looser style.

  4. Your red background really highlights Paco's beautiful fur. Great job on the chair, too. He looks so relaxed!

  5. Kelley, what a sweet little painting, and sweet little story! Our fur babies are the icing on the cake!

  6. Somehow I missed this piece! I hate when that happens. Paco immediately reminded me of one of my cats by claiming a spot in the sun. But he looks so comfy, doesn't he? Love your painting.


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