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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Nest, 12x12 Inches, Oil

This is hanging at 'Nest' - the shop in Dedham today!  I delivered my paintings and am looking forward to the Opening on Saturday from 4-7.  This nest is special to me, it was sent to me while I was on a painting trip from a dear friend, to ensure there were wonderful things to paint.  While I didn't get a chance to paint them then, I have done  a couple of paintings of the nest since.  I love the symbolism of the eggs in the nest.  I love the shapes, the colors of the eggs and the twigs.


  1. Kelley "no empty nest here" just a home overflowing with love and laughter. Good luck for the show.!

  2. Kelley! Absolutely loved this one immediately before I even read the post. The snuggled in eggs with their beautiful value and temperature shifts are amazing. Love the shadows. The nest itself is gorgeous and love the twigginess you captured. This one is just sweet and beautiful and I just know that friend is so proud and happy for you!

  3. Kelley, love this little nest, great job! Good luck with the your "Nest" show, it will be a sell out!

  4. It's a gorgeous painting, Kelley!!!

  5. Lovely painting, Kelley! I love painting nests too! The symbolism is special... represents, life, comfort, and boy are those birds ever great architects! Wonderous!


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