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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Day's Cottage, 5x7 Inches, Acrylic

While painting in Truro a few weeks ago, I became completely captivated by the tiny cottages on the Bay side of town.  I painted a few for my show, but I thought I'd paint another one, just for *us* in the blogsphere. I love the simple angles, the light of the sky and that silvery blue of the water.  That's where I think I'd like to be today.  In a beach chair with a book.   Except I'd probably ALSO have my sketchbook, some watercolors, my painting backpack, camera, some fruit, and iced tea... I complicate everything!  That's why I like to paint these simple images... it's what I WANT, not how I live. :)


  1. Nice painting..simple...Looking forward to taking your workshop Kel

  2. Love this painting!! I always gravitate to the simple, peaceful, scenes. I think you are onto something with your idea that we over complicate and are attracted to the simple. I'm also attracted to the Amish lifestyle for the same reasons, but I don't think I'll be trading in my I pod for a prayer cap anytime soon:)

  3. Kelley, I love this one! Beautiful, serene, an d simple.

  4. These little cottages are so cute. The title, Day Cottage...does that mean that you (someone) just goes down to the water for the day, and uses this to change, etc. We have groups of little cottages like this here, they were built at the turn of the century for TB patients from the east to come out to get the high, dry air. Were great for sleeping and breathing the night air. Nothing to do w. water.

  5. Love the use of color here. Greens violets and yellows are not the easiest to put together and still make work. Well done.


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