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Friday, November 19, 2010

Pair Plus One, 6x8 Original Oil Painting by Kelley MacDonald

More of these Asian Pears... mmmmMMmm...  I painted this one on a canvas board- the one from yesterday was on a smooth Gessobord.  In other words, this surface had more 'tooth'.  I find I like the way the paint glides onto the surface of the smoother board.  Just a nice feeling when I'm painting.  It's funny, when I first started oil painting I had this great teacher, Valerie Vitali, who made you believe you could achieve anything you wanted with paint.  She would gush about painting on hard surfaces, like paper, and I would try and imagine how I could love anything more than a springy, textured canvas.  Now I know.  It only took me years to get there, but I agree!  One of my goals for next year is to try to buy some large sized wooden panels to do bigger pieces on.  I don't have the patience for framing paintings on paper, although I do love painting on it as well!
Kind of out of it today, as a cold kept me up almost all night. Between the wheezing and the 2 cats and 1 pug on top of me, I barely slept!  But one good thing I found out - I had a painting make it into the Best And Brightest Show in Scottsdale!  It'll get rotated into the huge 10 week Celebration Of Fine Art Show in Scottsdale Gallery area! 
Happy Birthday to my lovely daughter, Molly!


  1. congrats!
    well deserved.I ove that painting!

  2. Kelley that is awesome and I can totally see why they chose it, very happy. Sorry to hear about your cold, hope you feel better soon. Sounds like you have some great nurses.

  3. Congratulations! Well deserved! Hope yu feel better SOON!

  4. Congratulations on the show, Kelley. Lovely piece, sorry you're under the weather.

  5. Kelley, Congrats on being accepted, great news!! Both pieces are beautiful! Hope you're getting lots of TLC for that cold! Get healthy soon!

  6. Love both of your pear paintings. Your juicy brushstrokes really show up beautifully!

    Sorry to hear you're under the weather. Feel better soon!

    Congratulations on the big news!!!

  7. Congratulations! well deserved and I love the pears!

  8. The tulip painting is one of all time favorites. Slam bangin'!!


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