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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

North River Arts Holiday Sale!!! Sat & Sunday 10-4

Really, there's some amazing art showing up there.
  I've priced mine well, and included very recent pieces this year. 
 It's set up alphabetically, and my standing bin has magenta and lime green pompoms - go have a BLAST!!!
Great kick-off for gifts, or to add to your own collection!
*there's an early admittance at 9 a.m. on Saturday for $15 - very smart!*
Here's their link!  Enjoy!



  1. These are all wonderful paintings that would make a great kitchen/bar collection or a gift. Know the show will be amazing - I'm expecting all good things for you!!

  2. As always, this is great foodie art, Kelley....hope you do very well with sales this season!

  3. Great pieces for anyone to pick up!

  4. Best wishes for great sales, and lots of fun! Wish that I could be there!

  5. Good luck Kelley! Wish I could meet you at the magenta and green pompoms and see everything in person. Your paintings look great!

  6. Your bin looked great and the hall was set up beautifully. Hope we sell them all :D


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