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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Moonrise Over Wellfleet, 6x6, Original Oil Painting by Kelley MacDonald


Viewed from Provincetown, the moon coming up over Wellfleet is breathtaking.  It's a visual meditation.
I'm busy in the studio these days doing some fun commissions.  All my holiday paintings except for one set that's going to Newport are delivered and hung.  WHEW!  And in all the mayhem I did lose one commission because I didn't get it done on time.  I'm sorry for that, but mostly because I feel I let that person down.  As my Mom used to say: Live and Learn.  I'm trying, Mom!


  1. The view over Wellfleet is breathtaking. You are good. I must admit I am tired of your obsession with donuts. They are good donut paintings but donuts are BAD for all of us. Who wants one hanging on a wall? I guess some people do. Lord knows people buy donuts by the dozens. Your plein air paintings are often extremely good. I love getting your daily painting blog. Thanks so much Kay Shumway

  2. So soothing, like you said very meditative, well done, wish I could see it in person. Bummer about the commission I hope they forgive you.

  3. Beautiful scene, so peaceful. Sorry about the missed commission but you're heart was in the right place if not your paintbrush. "kelleywrap" strikes again.

  4. Lovely work here, Kelley! I especially love these moody evening scenes. Beautiful!


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