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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Periwinkle Cup, 6x6 Oil

I bought these little cups and saucers at the cafe (now defunct) downstairs from my previous studio.  I love the yellow, periwinkle and rose cups with turquoise accents.  What a challenge to paint though, because the colors are slightly muted but still saturated.  Why am I doing so many coffee themed Daily Paintings?  Certainly not because they're in demand :).  I am challenged by the shift in elipses as your eye hits the rim of the cup, the base of the cup, the saucer top - throw in a handle, and it's a morning's eye exercise!    There's that and I love good coffee!


  1. One of your best. You have a way with this subject.
    Oh, and it wasn't the same cup I saw on the other blog ;)

  2. YEH!!! the header looks you are already thinking about what to put up there next!

  3. YES! Debbie - thanks for being the first I'd seen with the new 'image header' - don't worry, I'll give you the credit!

    And, thanks, Mar, yes, different cup!

  4. Kelley, I love your ellipses! Yes, I thought my latest bowl painting would be easy but those shifting - shifty- ellipses got the better of me. This little painting of yours is perfect! Every part of it looks just right. Love your refreshing colors and lively brush strokes.


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