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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mexican Adventures

Hi, everyone! I´m in sunny San Miguel de Allende, Mexico this week, painting away. What would be the worst thing to happen to me (art-wise) besides breaking my easel (which I did the FIRST time I came here)? I took 300 gorgeous shots and LOST my CAMERA. Uh huh. So... no photos of this beautiful place, or my paintings or anything.

The first day I was here I foolishly thought that, since it was a Sunday the town sqare (called the Jardin - pronounced ¨Har-DEEN¨) would be pretty deserted. HMMM...... not on Palm Sunday it wasn´t! There were billions (well, it seemed like it) of people there to watch the big processions, the holy statues carried around, etc. But I set up right in front of the big church (the Parroquia) and painted this wonderful pink gothic church. I had kids leaning their heads on my shoulders (I did sit down), and Americans asking questions, and Mexicans, too - the whole time. I actually made a friend (hi, Helga!) and sold the painting right off the easel. I sold Paula Villanova´s, too (with her permission, of course!).

Since then we´ve stood at what turned out to be the busiest intersection in town with busses constantly going by, and fumes blurring our eyes, and painted the vista. We´ve stood at the opening of the Mercado, dodging commerical trucks, and vast numbers of pedestrians to paint a gorgeous Jacaranda tree in it´s purple bloom (I especially enjoyed this session, as my easel blew over me in a giant gust of wind while I was bending to get some different paint, and the bucket of water attached to the easel (acrylics, this trip) dumped onto my shoulders, and ran down into my pants, looking, well, embarassing to say the least, not to mention how comfortable that is!). And today I painted a fruit vendor back at the Jardeen and met millions more kind and friendly people, some of them actually could speak English, too. Tomorrow is a sightseeing day, going to Guanaguato, which has a French influence in the architecture, and Delores Hidalgo, which is a pottery area. Hopefully I will refrain from buying myself any more souvenirs, as I bought a painting from Ros Farbush´s Opening for myself!

I probably won´t post again till Monday.... but hopefully that will inclue photos of my Mexican pieces! Thanks for checking in!

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  1. Welcome home.
    Did you enjoy?
    Did it seem too short?
    You have any paintings to show us?


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