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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Black, No Sugar, To Go, 5x7 Oil

Got a comment from a fabulous artist, Sally Dean, that I should be mindful in painting things like toss-away coffee cups, that they really pollute the environment - and so today I'm painting my 'green' coffee mug.  Also, it comes from Coastal Roasters - any visit to RI should include stopping in at this gem of a coffee shop, particularly on a nice day, when you can sit outside and get, essentially, my view ;)  So here's my 'green' cup with the green lid.  Actually, it's Tim's cup, but I gave it to him (and hid it today so he'd leave it for me to paint!).


  1. Wow, Kelley, I LOVE the red background color on this! And your oranges painting from a few posts back ... luscious!

    I've been away from the internet world for a while (satellite woes!) but I sure have enjoyed catching up with you ... I love seeing your daily paintings and VERY envious of your spacious new studio ... it looks awesome!

  2. Kelley, I love your daily paintings, they are very inspiring. I hope to visit your Coastal Roasters next time I go "home" to RI.

    I notice a painting at Sally Dean's website shows what appears to be a plastic water bottle on her kitchen sink counter, so I suppose we are all liable for a few polluting indiscretions. ;-)


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